How to Use HP Diagnostic Utility Tools t

How to Use HP Diagnostic Utility Tools
to Fix Printing Problems?

HP Diagnostic Utility tools serve a great purpose to fix and resolve a variety of issues with HP devices. A printer is one of the useful devices offered by HP which always produce quality results. But this device is also not free from errors and issues because of its technical nature. You can several errors with HP printer but for all of them, contacting HP Customer Care is the best solution.

Several issues can arise while using HP printers such as:

  • Paper jams

  • The printer is not working

  • Poor quality prints

  • Getting smudged text or images

  • Slow printing speed

  • Network connection

  • Driver issues


There can be other issues as well with the HP printer which have not been mentioned above. For instant solutions and quick-fix, you can directly call at the HP Support Phone Number.

HP has developed a diagnostic tool that helps you to get the free utilities to fix the common printing errors. These tools are available mainly for the Windows operating system. You can download and run the following tools provided by HP to obtain help for fixing printing issues:

  1. HP Print and Scan Doctor

This tool can be used to fix common printing and scanning errors instantly which can be related to network or connectivity. It depends on your printer model how this tool works but this tool will definitely work for fixing the paper jam. It will also help in checking the ink levels, fixing the print quality. This tool is available for Windows XP and further versions.

HP Print and Scan Doctor fulfill the troubleshooting need of an HP user and it has the required features to overcome the printing issues. HP Print and Scan is a great next-generation diagnostic tool which includes all the previous diagnostic tools such as:

  • HP Print Diagnostic Utility

  • HP Network Diagnostic Utility

  • HP Scan Diagnostic Utility

  • HP Hardware Diagnostic Utility


All these utilities have been combined together into one to produce effective results. To get the printing problems fixed, you need to run the tool and follow the on-screen instructions. You should also keep the HP print and scan tool updated so as to get enhanced troubleshooting for printing issues.


‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ doesn’t need installation, you just need to download the file and run it.

  1. Click on the ‘Download’ option and save the file to your system.

  2. Go to the location of your system where you have saved the file.

  3. Double-click on the downloaded file that will run the file.

  4. Next, follow the instructions to use the HP Print and Scan Doctor.

HP Toll Free Number can be dialed if you need any further help.


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